Happy New Year

January 4, 2017

Welcome back, families! Hope that this morning wasn't too dark or early for you. The students came in ready to work, let me tell you! Our morning journal time was quiet and you could feel the focus. I'm also feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. 2017? We're ready to have a good time!

Thank you to all of you for the lovely holiday gifts and wishes. I look forward to using the restaurant gift certificates and having a fun night out at Hitchcock. I also really appreciate all of the warmth and kind notes that came my way. You all have made me feel so welcome here at Odyssey and, with renewed energy, I'm proud and honored to be here on this team with you.




A few news items:


  • We announced the 1-6 Invention Fair this morning. Students will bring home a booklet in their boomerang. There is work that needs to be done each week. Inventions are due 2/16. If you lose the hard copy of the book, I will post a digital copy on the blog.

  • The journal bar has been raised! If you're in the habit of discussing writing with your child in the morning, you should know that first graders are being asked to write 2 sentences and 2nd graders at least 3. This is a quick, focused start to our day. Journals are done before 8:00.

  • Circle time guidelines will also change. After today, students will be asked to bring items in to share only on Fridays. Circle time is a time to focus on speaking and listening. We've gotten a little carried away with sharing items. (Students are always welcome to thoroughly describe an item instead of bringing it in...:) Alternatively, they could write a description at home and then read that at circle time.)

A few needs:


  • Do you have a bread machine that we could borrow for this week or next?

  • Is weather your thing? (Or is someone you know a weather guru?) I'm looking for a speaker or two to enhance our study of weather and air. Talks could be a hands on activity, art project, demonstration, or just a chat. Topics could be broad or narrowly focused on one specific thing. Thanks!