What can you do?

  • READ COMMENTS & SIGN THE PETITION        tinyurl.com/bisdpetition

    – You have a direct line to each of them

President:              Sheila Jakubik,      Term ends 2017    sjakubik@bisd303.org,       206-780-2514

Vice President:     Mev Hoberg          Term ends 2019    mhoberg@bisd303.org,     206-842-7991

Director:                Mike Spence         Term ends 2017    mspence@bisd303.org,     206-780-5774

Director:                Lynn Smith            Term ends 2019    lsmith@bisd303.org,         206-451-4644

Director:                Tim Kinkead          Term ends 2019    tkinkead@bisd303.org,      206-979-5512


Superintendent:    Peter Bang-Knudsen     pbangknudsen@bisd303.org                206-780-1050


  • DBAC MEETING                                           TUESDAY MARCH 21, 2017 - 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

  • COMMUNITY BUDGET MEETING              WEDNESDAY MARCH 22, 2017 – 7:00 PM




  • COMMUNICATIONS – Assembling talking points for parents and advocates.
    Christian Ford - christianford@me.com


  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – messaging strategy & tactics, like social media posts, letters to the editor, etc.  Anyone who wants to do something concrete like sharing their personal stories or writing letters should connect with me. 
    Heidi Watson - heidihoo@mac.com


  • DBAC SUPPORT – To monitor and support Commodore members of the District Budget Advisory Committee as they work on making recommendations to the School Board regarding program and service cuts to meet the 2017-18 budget shortfall.
    Satu Muldrow – greenthings1@mac.com

  • RESEARCH – Finding the empirical research that supports sustainable growth of Option programs 
    Tom Breen - tjbreen12@gmail.com


  • TEAM OPPORTUNITY aka TEAM OP: to prepare Commodore’s own versions of reconfiguration. The idea is to not wait for the administration to propose things, but rather to be proactive in researching viable configurations and testing for broad Commodore consensus. 

    • TAC (Technical Advisory Council) SUPPORT: Under a reconfiguration scenario, Team-Op will be a key information source for TAC Support.  Both initiatives are configured as one team with a dual mandate.   Input or participation of interested families is encouraged.  
      Frank Renna - syneurial@gmail.com


  • ACCOUNTABILITY – To hold the superintendent and board members accountable for their actions.
    Kirsten Hytopoulos - Kirsten@hytopouloslaw.com


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