FAQ - written by current 7/8 Parents

1)    What are the parent volunteering expectations and opportunities in Odyssey 5/6 and 7/8?

Officially, each family is expected to contribute 10 hrs a month or 100 hrs for the year. There are many opportunities both in and out of the classroom to make up this time. Also, time spent in the monthly parent meetings, chaperoning outdoor ed, and time in the school garden count towards the goal. Try not to be daunted by the number - everyone contributes what they can and it seems to work out.


2)    Tell me more about the outdoor education trips they take each year?

All 4th-grade students in our district get a few days of "outdoor ed” - all Odyssey kids get outdoor ed every year! 5th and 6th graders spend a few days at Camp Seymour and the 7th and 8th graders alternate years between a Salish Sea trip and Camp Seymour trip.  This extra time together helps form bonds between the kids and time to learn about our amazing natural environment.


3)    What is this PBL class the 7/8s take?  What are they learning there?

PBL - or Project Based Learning - is an opportunity for kids to decide what they will learn about and how they will present their findings. There are 3 or 4 opportunities each year for students to select their own topics for a deep-dive research project. These projects are self-directed and offer a wonderful opportunity to learn time management, planning, interview and presentation skills.


4)    How, or do Odyssey 7/8s mentor or work with the Odyssey K-6 students, or collaborate with EHHS students?

The K-8 kids come together to do reading and art project activities. The 7/8 program has a formalized 'reading buddy' system and earns service hours working with the 1/2 class. The kids love the connection they have to the younger grades and are always looking for more opportunities to work with them. The 7/8 program is in the EHHS building, so the students share a hallway with the older students but otherwise, there are no formal program overlaps.


5)    How involved are Odyssey 7/8 students in extracurricular activities that may be offered at Woodward?  Can they join in those same after-school programs?  How do they get there?

All district after school programs are open to Odyssey kids but the transportation responsibility falls to the parents or to the kids themselves.


6) Are there any “Zero” period classes offered or planned?  I.e. Foreign languages?

Currently, students are offered an extra weekly music class to build upon their marimba performance and composition skills. In the past, there have been Spanish, Robotics, and some math program zero period offerings.


7)  What is the likelihood of the program being ended or moved off the Commodore Campus, to Woodward, BHS, or into portables?

There are no plans to move the program at this time. In fact, the district is committed to expanding the program in its current location!

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