The Odyssey Parent Teacher Organization (OPTO) is a volunteer based organization made up of parents, legal guardians, faculty and staff of Odyssey Multiage Program.  OPTO sponsors assistance to teachers in the classroom setting, raises funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences, supports school and family social interaction, and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.  Our mission is to foster a positive learning climate, which encourages academic and social growth for all Odyssey students.


Key Information:

  • Information from the PTO Coordination Council (district wide organization of PTOs)

  • OPTO Meeting Minutes (approved minutes are always available on slack #Leadership channel).

OPTO Council:

Co-Chairs:  Soomie Ahn and Shannon Potter

Treasurer:  Luni Libes

Secretary:  Kristan Weller

Fundraising Chairs:

Chrissie Pitts and Christina Wakefield


Volunteer Coordinators:

1-6: Kara Owsley

7-8: Joy Dunning-Megy



Deb Henderson & Carolyn Buractaon

CORE Reps by Cluster:


Kindergarten:   Erica Saint Clair and

                              Lea Szalay

1/2 Green:   Carolyn Buractaon and

                       Tara Hilgers

1/2 Blue:   Amy Reitz


3/4 Green:   Bill Beckman

3/4 Blue:   Sarah Wyckoff


5/6 Green:   Kerri Martina and

                       Kim Screen

5/6 Blue:   Teresa Marchinek

7/8:   Heidi Watson and Valerie Hoit


If you have a question or concern you want to raise with the OPTO?Leadership Council, or if you want more information about the Council - please email directly, or use the form provided to the right.

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