Parent FAQ


1)    What are the parent volunteering expectations and opportunities in Odyssey 5/6 and 7/8?

Officially, each family is expected to contribute 10hrs a month or 100hrs for the year. There are many opportunities both in and out of the classroom to make up this time. Also, time spent in the monthly parent meetings and in the garden count towards the goal. 

2)    Tell me more about the outdoor education trips they take each year, (Salish Sea cruise & Seymour).

All 4th grade students in our district get a few days of "out

3)    What is this PBL class the 7/8s take?  What are they learning there?

4)    How, or do Odyssey 7/8s mentor or work with the Odyssey K-6 students, or collaborate with EHHS students?

5)    How involved are Odyssey 7/8 students in extracurricular activities that may be offered at Woodward?  Can they join in those same after-school programs?  How do they get there?

6) Do Odyssey kids feel odd or excluded because they're not Woodward students?

7)    Are there any “Zero” period classes offered or planned?  I.e. Foreign languages?

8)    What is the likelihood of the program being ended or moved off the Commodore Campus, to Woodward, BHS, or into portables?