For the past few years, we've sold the Chinook Book, an eco-friendly coupon book, as one of our fundraisers.   Odyssey gets half of the sales price, which typically raises about $1,000 for us to use for Integrated Learning Block supplies and/or other special projects.  The book has many fans because by using just a few coupons for things you'd buy anyway (for example, two $5-off coupons for T&C), it can easily pay for itself.  


What is Chinook Book?

Chinook Book is  a coupon book supporting businesses that promote sustainable living in our community.  It is  full of amazing deals on Bainbridge and in Seattle & beyond.   It’s available as a book or a mobile app (iPhone and Android) or as a combo pack (book and mobile app sold together).


How much are the books and apps?

$22: Book

$15: App

$30: Combo pack (keep one for yourself, give the other as a gift!)

Note that the app has improved every year & is now so incredibly easy to use. And now all the coupons available in the book are available in the app.

→  And remember, Odyssey keeps half of the purchase price!  


What are the Bainbridge coupons?

There are fantastic deals at these businesses:

Grocery: Town & Country/Central Market (plus tons of manufacturers’ coupons)

Restaurants:  Fork and Spoon, Hitchcock Deli, Streamliner Diner, Blackbird Bakery

Beer/wine: Bainbridge Island Brewing, Eleven Winery

Stores: Eagle Harbor Books,  Bay Hay & Feed, Ace Hardware, B.I. Cycle, Calico Cat, Wildernest, Jake's pickup

Destinations: KiDiMu, Bloedel Reserve

Seattle Transportation: Uber, WA State Ferries,  King County Metro


And these are coupons that really save you money; most of them give $5- 10 off your purchase or are of the buy-one-get-one-free variety.   

There are many coupons in Seattle if you work in Seattle, and if you travel to Portland or San Francisco, the app will automatically see that you are there and find local coupons in those markets!


How would the book pay for itself?

Watch this: save $10 total on two separate shopping trips to T&C Market, save another $10 buying pet food or plants at Bay Hay & Feed and another $10  on lunch (2-for-1 deli sandwiches) with a friend at Hitchcock Deli.  Wait: the book has just saved you $30-- $8 more than you spent on the book that supports your school. If you have the app (or have used it before), it will actually tell you how much you saved over the last year. When I look at mine, I redeemed $160 worth of coupons. So for the $15 app, I essentially saved $145!


How do I get my hands on this amazingness?

  • Email or text me and we can make arrangements.  You’d send a check to school with your child and I’d put a book/app/combo pack in their locker for them to bring home.  Super easy!


I'll be putting a display copy in the parent area of the 1-6 classroom and I’ll put one in the office as well.

Note: Checks need to be made out to OPTO. Cash works too. :)


We'll be wrapping up the fundraiser by the end of October so you'll have plenty of opportunity to buy, but the sooner you get yours the sooner you can start using your coupons.


Don’t hesitate to mention this  to friends, neighbors, colleagues or to your child's sports teams! Once introduced to Chinook Book, people love it and can’t wait to get their hands on the newest edition.


Sarah Dugan

Chinook Book Fundraiser Coordinator

text me: 206-459-4150

email me: