We go to camp next Wednesday!  Please be sure your kids get lots of rest and Vitamin C this weekend as there seems to be a nasty bug going around!  Let's stay healthy for camp. 


Notes for next week: 


1) Review the packing list this weekend. And remember - there are no electronics allowed at camp!


2) We will leave school around 9 am on Wednesday, but students should show up with their stuff for camp at the normal time.  We will meet in my room. Remember - they need a sack lunch for Wednesday too.  


3) We are scheduled to leave from camp at 1 pm, so if you are a driver on Friday - please be at camp by 1 pm.  We will be back at school around 2:30 on Friday at which time students are free to leave.  


Have a great weekend.  


Liz Finin
Odyssey Multiage Program
7-8 Teacher